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3 definitions by Rudabagle7

The act of defecating on a young female’s upper torso in a spiral manner and then proceeding to ejaculate upon, or Glaze, the roll-like mass of feces

This maneuver requires a great deal of skill as the performer must be able to masturbate and defecate in a spiral pattern concurrently
My girl is into the Cleavland Steamer... But I decided to kick it up a knotch and go far the Chocolate Cinnabon
by Rudabagle7 November 11, 2006
27 2
King's Head with one additional female on the a-nus (pronounced like Borat). She is generally referred to as the salad tosser.
After the much anticipated arrival of King’s Head, I next approached the Triforce with the opportunity for a Sultan's Head with my dog buttercup, however to my displeasure one of the Ball Bitches was allergic to peanut butter.
by Rudabagle7 April 25, 2007
6 1
This recipe requires your cock and three females in the following positions: one on the shaft and the other two on each ball. These females may be referred to by a variety of different names depending on the King’s personal preference. These female references include, but not limited to:
-The three as an ensemble: The Royal Court, The Triforce, or All the King's Women
-The one on the shaft: The Queen, Shaft Slut, or DTP (Deep Throat Professional)
-The two on the balls: The Princesses, Ball Bitch 1&2, or The Stepchildren Minders

WARNING: This maneuver requires careful positioning and planning to maximize enjoyment and prevent injury to any of the heads in the region.
My girlfriend has two really hot friends, but it took months
of waiting and a couple bottles of SoCo “100 proof” before I got my first King's Head
by Rudabagle7 April 25, 2007
17 12