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A special kind of torture designed by teachers whenever they were born, which looking at some of them was probably a couple hundred milleniums ago. Not content with permanently damaging our precious few brain cells in ordinary classes, so called 'teachers' choose to kill our minds off even more by giving us ridiculous assignments that they know we are going to fail anyway; they simply do it for the enjoyment of cussing us when we get it completely wrong and give out detentions they'll forget.
"But, Miss! We already got five pieces o' homework tonight!"

"Shut up, you fool! Detention!
by RubyMaye February 10, 2009
An attention seeking, maneating racist who only cares about hair extensions, fake nails, Dolce & Gabbanna and men. Her hair is platinum and her skin is more orange than an oompa loompas. Her fame was acquired only by the family name (Hilton) and shagging various men whilst taping these encounters, therefore making money from shagging around. And she actually gets IDOLISED for behaving like a complete fucktard.

Me: 0.o She's even more fake than the plastics in Mean Girls.
by RubyMaye February 10, 2009
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