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1. A male, often a slight odd-ball or creep, who has an insatiable lust for the female bottom which goes way past perverted and borders on psychotic. Often lurks in bushes or back-alleys and pounces when least expected to grab that ass!

2. A man who enjoys simulating the "bumming" action behind a woman when she has bent over for some reason.
Dale: Umm, excuse me Janine, you seem to have dropped your purse.

Janine: Oh, so I have, your such a nice guy Dale (proceeds to bend down and retrieve it)

Dale: Giggidy (performs the bumming motion)

Gary: You are such a bum fiend...
by RspecksW June 01, 2010
The term giving to the vagina of an asian or indian lady. Also loosely used after intercourse with a female ping-pong champion. Pronounced Vajee-Ping-Ping.
Guy #1: "Hey man, what did you get up to last night?"

Guy #2: "I got me some Beijing Vagipingping!"

Guy #1: "Sweet bro."

Guy #2: "No, sour."

Commentator: "..what a courageous young Ukranian athlete, defying the rules by wearing those seductive shorts! She better be careful when leaning into the table"

by RspecksW May 31, 2010

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