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A noise made to sexy girls to gain there attention and hopefully pull them.
Often used by the manchesterians of britain.
Another way of doing the 'Wolf whistle'.
For 100% pulling action 'Whit woo' must partially be spoken through the nose creating a kind of hum.
A troubled manchesterian "Whit woo, sexy pants. Wanna come set some dustbins on fire and sniff the fumes?"
by Rsoulfunk August 01, 2004
Abbreviation of vibrator or for those not to intellectual a dildo. A device inserted into the Vagina to stimulate pleasure.

Mans worst enemy
I looked in my mums cupboards to see what i got for christmas and i saw a vibe 2000, its a kind of rocket, you push a button and it vibrates. its hella cool
by Rsoulfunk August 01, 2004

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