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2 definitions by Rsoulfunk

A noise made to sexy girls to gain there attention and hopefully pull them.
Often used by the manchesterians of britain.
Another way of doing the 'Wolf whistle'.
For 100% pulling action 'Whit woo' must partially be spoken through the nose creating a kind of hum.
A troubled manchesterian "Whit woo, sexy pants. Wanna come set some dustbins on fire and sniff the fumes?"
by Rsoulfunk August 01, 2004
18 4
Abbreviation of vibrator or for those not to intellectual a dildo. A device inserted into the Vagina to stimulate pleasure.

Mans worst enemy
I looked in my mums cupboards to see what i got for christmas and i saw a vibe 2000, its a kind of rocket, you push a button and it vibrates. its hella cool
by Rsoulfunk August 01, 2004
23 38