10 definitions by Roy Sanchez

1: A rodent that is slippery.

2: When lubricating a weasel or other rodent and letting it run wild at another person's asshole while they are blindfolded.
1: That rat is such a greasy weasel.

2: I tied her up and let my ferret Sanchez give her a greasy weasel.
by Roy Sanchez August 08, 2006
1: A noun describing a dirty wet vagina. Although, the vagina does not need to be dirty or wet, it just helps.

2: An insult inferring vagina status

1: That punaner was so scrumptious I shit my pants.

2: That Zach Taylor kid is such a punaner.
by Roy Sanchez August 08, 2006
1: When recieving fellatio and at the point of orgasmic climax, the giver forcefully grabs the recievers testicles and shoves them into the person's tight, sensitive asshole. The results in a very surprised look and, sadly, blue balls.
She gave me such a blueberry surprise I haven't touched my nuts in weeks or taken a dump in a month.
by Roy Sanchez August 08, 2006

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