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showt, when something doesnt go in your favor
No Blowjob this week ? You Showt!
by Roxy March 09, 2005
An amazingly great bad with educating and meaningful lyrics. Often associated with getting your Green Day hit everyday, often someone isn't truly with it/awake/living if they haven't had theire Green Day hit/fix.
Yo Dude, I haven't had my Green Day fix yet........Ah, thats better.
by Roxy February 01, 2005
Person who snorts all availble blow in one night.
Yesterday I asked Perry Henke where my blow was. He said "I snorted it all". I said "Perry, you fucking cokie monster.
by Roxy April 26, 2003
Whasup= A spelling error for whatsup, whats up, wassup, or just for people who want to be <s>cool</s>
Whasup dude
by roxy December 13, 2003
A club on Old Compton Street in Soho, London. As suggested by its name is a gay scene, but anyone can go if your into dancing around and having a wicked time in a great atmosphere.
1:We're going out tonight, do you want to come?
2:Sure, where to?
1:We're thinking of heading up to G-A-Y

'It's G-A-Y's bar night tonight'
by Roxy October 14, 2006
well seeing as my first definition didn't make sense. A rebelo is a person who is more rebel than rules, but will follow the rules where otherwise it would be very foolish not to. They are individual, people with their own style.
Girl:I know my boundaries, I'm a rebelo.
by Roxy February 02, 2005
cross between modern and retro
That dress is so modtro!
by Roxy May 28, 2005

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