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God. A dvaz is a term used for a person superior to all others in every way possible. On myspace you will find there is a church of dvazology. The church of Dvazology is a group of people who follow all things dvaz.

A dvaz is also a term which can be described as a machine designed in India to enhance the pleasure of all women (or men) to a level exceeded by nothing.
Michael: Hey! Did you check that out?
Rowan: Yeah it was uber dvaz!
Daniel: Yeah all the way to the bank!
Rowan: nice.
by RowanB April 30, 2007
A truly distinct and reputable Australian music act. Kasey Chambers in popular culture has become a basis for comparison between music artists. It is widely known and recognised that if Kasey were to release one song per day the US stock market would crash out of overload of awesome, because it goes without saying that Kasey would be delegated her own financial sector citation needed.

In the song "True Colours", originally performed by Cyndi Lauper, Kasey performs this with more justice than the original artist ever could. The song had become a TV advertisement for the NRL.
Rowan: Hey Nicole, did you checkout the new Kasey Chambers track?

Nicole: No, is it any good?

Rowan: nope, that was going to be my next question... I wanted to see if you had so I'd know if it were a good investment of downloads or not.

Zane: I'm assuming it's shit, like my taste in music.
by RowanB October 17, 2008
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