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5 definitions by Rotten Core515

One of the worst wrestlers in the WWE. Only marks and fanboys like him. No technical input in his matches. Bad gimmick. Bad Rapper.
John Cena is the Great Khali of Raw.
by Rotten Core515 August 24, 2006
674 515
A great and funny show that is better than Family Guy and South Park. It was replaced by Pee Wee Freakin Herman. This show should be put back on the air.
Mission Hill> South Park
by Rotten Core515 August 24, 2006
52 9
A very good band that has great hits like "Alive and Kicking", "Explain Myself" and "Bullet with a Name".
Nonpoint has made great songs and people should listen to them at a concert
by Rotten Core515 August 24, 2006
49 10
Used to describe a show,movie,concert or anything else.
Total Suckfest:

Go to a Fallout Boy concert and you will see what I mean
by Rotten Core515 August 24, 2006
10 6
A character in a anime series called Naruto. He had a bad childhood when he was shunned from society. He killed his own father on accident. Now Gaara is a full fledged killer with no remorse. He has a cult-like following with fans of the Naruto show. He is also called the Sandman because of his abilty to control sand.
Gaara has a blood lust.

"Those who meet my eyes,all must die."
by Rotten Core515 August 24, 2006
93 160