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someone who is insanely fast at typing text mesages on a mobile phone
Susi texts like a japanese schoolgirl
by RototheD May 25, 2008
a car usually station wagon or van which van be used to comfortably have sex in.
did you see Mike's new Corvette?
yeah i saw it, but it doesn't beat the shagon wagon!
by RototheD May 25, 2008
A guy who means well but is unable to find the right words when drunk... or sober
do you understand what dutchmike is saying?

"no one leaves here straight" meaning no one leaves sober
by RototheD May 25, 2008
often owned by people who also reside in a doublewide on a property which contains more cars in the yard then on the drive way.

ferretarium is a designated place where the ferrets can roam
have you seen billybob's ferretarium?
by RototheD May 25, 2008
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