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Name given to citizens who believe that abortion and/or the dealth penalty is wrong. Many believe that pro-life only refers to abortion.

Christians usually spend too much time focusing on abortion and not enough on the Death Penalty. Usually to present this they carry around picture of mutilated babies, many of which are fake.

Although some may disagree with their beliefs, they should not dehumanize them. They have the right to believe what they please. They should also do this to pro-choicers.
1. I am pro-life, I believe that a fetus is actually a human life, with a soul, and every fetus has the right to life.

2. I am pro-choice, the opposite of pro-life, I believe that the fetus is just a mass of human tissue. I believe that a woman should decide whether she wants to continue with her pregnancy.
by Rosuto June 26, 2006

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