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V. 1. the act of sexual intercourse, usually with a very filthy intent
Person 1: "Ohhhh, BoA... you would plug?"
by Ross Yamamoto December 22, 2004
Adj. 1. being of, or exhibiting, extreme filthy behavior, 2. going by the name of Phil Mendel
Philthy Phil was rolling around on the hallway floor again in his underwear screaming "I'm not drunk!"
by Ross Yamamoto December 22, 2004
Noun. Slang for penis

A slightly more derogatory form of penis; used primarily by filthy people to communicate thoughts about another's penis. Often used with extreme sarcasm.
Christopher Moon's benis is SOOOO HUGE.

William Lee's benis is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HUGE.

Ryan Choi's benis is RIDICULOUSLY HUGE.

Zac Nadamoto's benis BLOCKS OUT THE SUN (like his biceps)

Ross Yamamoto's benis is SOOOOOOOOO FUCKING SHMALL.
by Ross Yamamoto October 26, 2005
Adj. 1. having extreme racist, homosexual, stupid, and/or moke tendencies; 2. being of African American, white trash, Filipino, or French ancestry.

N. 1. a person who exudes extreme filthy tendencies
person 1: "Hey, look, it's Tung."
person 2: "HO DA FILTHY."

"Goddammit, Nelson is such a fucking filthy."
by Ross Yamamoto December 22, 2004
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