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A town in Nassau County, Long Island. It is known for being rich, spoiled, Jewish and mean <= For the people who think this, they either never tried to become friends with people here or don't live here. I admit people here are spoiled but not everyone is rich or mean, although most of the population is jewish. I live in East Hills and although I hate some of the people and sometimes its not the happiest place for me, i would never want to live anywhere else. All of my friends are true friends and only a small group of people are very mean, "JAPS". Maybe the town has a lot of coach in it but prada is not seen as much although the other definitions on urban might tell you that. I love this town and have been to other towns that are just like this one. Roslyn might have a bad reputation but it is just like most of the towns besides for its amount of jews and coach.
She's wearing a lot of coach and has a weird accent. She must be from Roslyn but surprisingly shes really nice and down to earth!
by Roslyngirl July 01, 2009

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