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Atheism 3.0 is a movement within atheism that denies the existence of God, yet maintains that faith provides meaning and purpose for millions of believers, inspires people to tend to each other and build communities, gives them a sense of union with a transcendent force, and provides numerous health benefits.
Jay does not adhere to militant atheism, but rather Atheism 3.0. He denies the existence of God but still believes that religion is a valuable part of civilization.
by rosenthal September 12, 2012
In hebrew, it means thre femail sex organ, and the meaning remains the same, regardless of what she decides to with it.
In English: "Hey, these pants are really tight, it hurts my puta! Aoch!"

How it sound like in Hebrew: "Hey, hamichmnasayim haele mamash tsmudim, ze lohets lee al haputa! Aoch!".

just so that we're clear here: If you only wear skirts, you can still use this word.
by Rosenthal January 15, 2005

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