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The best mothereffing dorm in all of the beautiful school of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles California. Many attractive people live in said dorm and a party is always just a knock away. ROSEFUCKINGCRANS!!! Some people call us Rosecrabs. They are jealous. To them, I say: You may take away the crans, but you will never take away the rose.

person number 1: hey, rosecrans is tight.
Person number 2: yeah, it's so much better than living in the other dorms.
person number 1: You mean Del Ray, Sullivan, Doeheny, Huesman, Desmond, and Whelan?
Person number 2: No, I mean we're better than Del Gay, Sulliram in the butt, Doeweenie, Doucheman, Desbians, and Gayland.
Person number 1: Oh...I finally understand. GO ROSECRANS!!!
by RosecransRaptors August 27, 2008
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