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A disease characterized by the inability to get up from your bus seat when told to.

Other symptoms include the difficulty to follow directions, an enlarged ego, a love of sitting up front, and being black.
"She wouldn't move to the back even though the front is dedicated for the handicapped."

"She must have a severe case of Rosa Parkinson's."
by Rosa Parkinson's July 16, 2010
After inhaling a hefty amount of "the dank", one must proceed to enter a Zaxby's restaurant and order a Nibblers Meal without laughing at the ridiculous name of the meal.

A friend who is equal to or above your high level must bear witness to this extraordinary achievement in order for it to be deemed valid.
Even though I spent 5 minutes in the bathroom preparing myself for the Nibblers Challenge, I still laughed when I said "Nibblers".
by Rosa Parkinson's July 16, 2010
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