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New York City's university-safehouse for: gay culture, poetry, fashionistas, socialism, the old Greenwich Village, study abroad, polygots, film, screenwriters, designer handbags, outdoorsy people, Eleanor Roosevelt, DKNY, fair trade, Union Square, Rosie the Riveter, vegetarians, perfumes, Brooklynites, wild hipsters, public parks, animal rights, dancers, tree planters, rap music, Sierra Club members, feminists, vegans, tattoos, video games, piercings, slam poetry, FEED bags, anime, hip hop, Democrats, nudists, Cambodia, hands-on teaching, retired beatniks gone professor, small dorms, colorful dorms, Tennessee Williams, organic food, Koreans, Africa, The University in Exile, graffiti, protests, thrift store clothes, bamboo, courtyards, Strand addicts, Lorraine Hansberry, volunteers, recycling, bicycles, animators, politics, comic books, people who vote, couchsurfers, chain smokers, runners, Jack Kerouac, Langstas, composting, thespians, Take Back the Night, straight-A students, explorers, architecture, Buddhists, Forbidden Planet lovers, Matisyahu, illustrators, international students, Marc Jacobs, James Baldwin, proud New Yorkers, bon vivants, programmers, block parties, cellists, fruitarians, bookworms, relief workers, refugees, old souls, backpackers, authors, sex therapists, jazz, Atheists, optimists, world leaders, Dr. Ruth, the color red, the color orange, diplomas, drawing pencils, Bea Arthur, the color yellow, Utrecht supplies, and (of course) insane homework loads.
The New School will make your brain explode into a million flashing colors. I love it.
by Rooftops91 September 11, 2010

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