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when someone constantly kills the joke or uses it ALL the time
person #1: hey, did you hear about the skeleton that went to the party?

Matt Jacker: yeah, he had no-body to go with


Matt Jacker: hey, did you hear about the skeleton that went to the party?

Person #3: yeah, he had-

Matt Jacker: no-body to go with!

Person #3: stop Matt Jacking it! dick
by Roo Barb June 19, 2008
A game in which you have to draw as many penises as possible on your friends book without them noticing
Person 1: he's not looking! quickly, play Speed Nob

Person 2: ah fuck you!!
by Roo Barb March 18, 2009
1. Speed Nob Advanced - draw as many DETAILED penises as possible before they find out

2. Speed Nob Extreme - draw the penis then indent the book with your pen when drawing the bell end. This leaves a long lasting reminder of the attack.

3. Speed Nob Monster - draw as a big and as detailed penis as possible whilst involving as many people as possible
see Speed Nob for an example of Speed Nob variations
by Roo Barb March 18, 2009
A game involving a Matt Jacker and several of your friends.
the aim is to get further away than your friends from the Matt Jack whilst giving clues to the Matt Jacker that you are getting away
Person 1: I'm winning The Matt Jack game!

Person 2: fuck you, oh shit! here comes the Matt Jack!

Matt Jacker: can i play?

by Roo Barb March 18, 2009
A person whose head is so far up his/her own arse their head has sprouted once again from his/her neck
person #1: i fucking hate that Jack Graves
person #2: i know, he's such a fucking Umu!
person #1: damn straight!
by Roo Barb October 07, 2008

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