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1. A royal greeting.
2. A greeting of someone who is high.
person: "I want more of your ganja"
dealer: "yes, your highness"
by Ronny St Papps December 26, 2004
1. a children's television programme on the BBC.

2. safe anal sex. Origin: contraception by means of using a dom. Thus creating a barrier between dick and bunghole (similar to 'bungalow') for sexual gratification and to prevent STDs.
husband: "oi, rib! fancy a shag?"

wife: "not at the moment love - It's that time of the month again."

husband: "no problem. Turn off the tele. It's time for dick & dom in da bungalow!"
by Ronny St Papps January 03, 2005
1. survivalism. The ability to adapt and improvise in the wilderness.

2. The ability to adapt and improvise, using cunning, charm and wit to get into a woman's knickers.
"the way you flirted with that girl was pure bushcraft"
by Ronny St Papps January 05, 2005
dog dirt, or any faeces that someone has the misfortune to step on.
"I'll be picking bits of muesli shrapnel from my shoes for days - I've just stepped on a landmine"
by Ronny St Papps December 22, 2004
1. the act of covering other people with 'gunge' on the BBC's Dick and Dom In Da Bungalow.

2. semen

3. the act of covering other people with semen.
Dom: "It's really satisyfying extending my wand and spraying creamy muck muck all over the kiddies!"
by Ronny St Papps February 04, 2005
Frequency of masturbation - the amount of 'ones off the wrist' in a set period of time.
Doctor: "I'm certain that your abnormal masturbativity is to blame for the rawness of your penis".
by Ronny St Papps December 24, 2004
cannabis resin; due to the similarities in appearance with stock cubes.
person 1: "What's that in your pocket?"
person 2: "nuthin - just an oxo cube"
by Ronny St Papps December 19, 2004
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