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Dude, that girl is SO hot, I want to "pound the snooch"!
by RoninDH July 04, 2006
New slang/street term for: Vicodin.

Usually used by people looking to trade sex for pills.

Also commonly used with the term Molly, as in the pure form of MDMA, or better known as Ecstasy.
A classic example came from a Craigslist post:

Looking for my friend Molly and her Viking friends. We like to hang out in the afternoon, about 40 mins before 5 o'clock. Since I like to party so much I'd like to know who else can come along. Respond and we can go from there.
by RoninDH October 08, 2010
Someone who is entirely worthless, useless, scared, a wuss, a wimp, a douche, a loser, a dumbass, a failure, pathetic, uncool, and lame.
Guy 1: "Hey man, let's go talk to those chicks over there."
Guy 2: "No way man, my girl would get pissed at me if she saw me talking to them."
Guy 1: "Dude, your woman isn't even here! C'mon."
Guy 2: "Doesn't matter man, somehow, she would just know."
Guy 1: "Man, you are such a douchenozzle."
by RoninDH July 07, 2006

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