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A person who craves and drinks the energy drink NOS like a vampire craves and drinks blood.

-Person may or may not be of Native American descent.
Knowing he was about to expire, NOSferatu pulled himself along the floor toward the cooler; for his salvation lay submerged within, chilled to perfection. It is only 7:01pm, and there is much work yet to be done...indubitably.
by RoneNeffect November 19, 2012
1. More serious than "Tragic." 2.Of Epic Fail proportions.

Logic: Travic is to Tragic, what Travesty is to Tragedy.
Example 1
Wooooooooooooooo...that ass-beating was travic as shit!!!

Example 2
Pedestrian 1: Cot Daaaaaaaaayum, that muhfucker ran over that light post! And it hit that old lady in the head!

Pedestrian 2: Travic!

Pedestrian 1: Travic indeed my dude...Travic indeed.
by RoneNeffect June 19, 2011
To engage in relaxation by playing video games on the Xbox gaming console.
After a long day of work I think I'm going sit back and enjoy some Xboxation.
by RoneNeffect February 21, 2012
Possessing the ability to be super elusive; Avoiding people and things with great ease.

Google: "Harry Houdini" for reference
1. Tim Tebow's ability to evade defenders is nothing short of houdinic

2. Its travic how houdinic he is now that he owes me money
by RoneNeffect December 23, 2011
When you turn 30 years old

In the same spirit at "Over the Hill" for 40 year-olds.
Its travic how houdinic time is getting now that I'm "Around the Bend."
by RoneNeffect January 05, 2012

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