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A prostitute

The only difference is the use of a camera to showcase the deed for everyone else to enjoy

Girls who think they will be rich and famous because their parents told them they are beautiful will 'start out' in porn, only to be famous for such films as

Interracial Gang Bang Fuck 4 & 5 or Hot and Horny Granny Tranny Threesome


What every fat, balding 45 year old creep with no girlfriend dreams of every night
"Omg Becky, these guys at the studio promised me a lucrative modeling contract. I only have to suck and fuck 6 asian guys and 2 crack head black guys in the back of a van for $200 to add to my portfolio!"

"Mom, is it true that straight porn star men will bang other guys in the ass as well as hot silicone chicks for money?"

"Yes Billy, its true!"

by RonJeremysAnalWart March 12, 2010

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