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A golden toothbrush is the result of dipping a roommate, sister, brother, or friend's toothbrush in the toilet after you have urinated in the bowl.
I was so angry at my roomate that I urinated in the toilet and then dipped his toothbrush in the toliet water. I gave him a real golden toothbrush and could not help laughing when he brushed his teeth the next morning.
by Ron the avenger October 07, 2011
Ureadipophobia is the adolesant fear that your brother or sister has dipped your toothbrush in the toilet after you had a snit. People usually grow out of this fear whenthey move out of their parents house and have their own dedicated bathroom.
My sister was diagnosed with ureadipophobia. She really was worried that I would dip her toothbrush in the toilet every time we had a fight. Usually this is a totally unfounded fear, but in this case I dipped her toothbrush almost every other day.
by Ron the Avenger October 08, 2011
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