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The man who works at the airport who parks all the airplanes.
Look Wandella is going to park another airplane. Someday I hope to be a wandella
#airport #guidman #rampie #wan della #wandie
by Ron Chee July 19, 2009
A bullshit vortex generator is a person who speaks lots of bullshit. Wich in turn gets everyone all upset and so on. In essance the bullshit spewed by the first person sucks all of his/her friends into this vortex fo bs
Mike is a real bullshit vortex generator. He was telling everyone at work this lie and everyone got sucked into this vortex of bullshit and they were all pissed at eachother
#bullshit #vortex #lie #lier #bs
by Ron Chee July 22, 2009
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