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3 definitions by Rolphy

When a person gets completely wasted on cider the day after they may have a cider poo which is commonly mistaken for diarrhoea but it can last for longer than the morning after.
Person. yo dude i was so wasted on cider last week

other person. is it man did you have a cider poo in the morning?

person. dude they lasted till like a day ago
by Rolphy March 02, 2009
the word gabllab originates from when younger people say words backwards. Gabllab is another word for ball bag and is often shortened to GAB.

(after a person 1 throws a stone at person 2 and they fall to the floor clucting their nuts.)

person 1. "shit sorry man i wont aiming for that"

person 2. "aww right in the fucking GABLLAB"
by Rolphy March 05, 2009
when a male and female are having bum sex and the man pulls out to swap to the vagina but 'accidentaly' he misses and sends his jism up the girls chest. as the girl stands up in shock the male 'accidentaly' head butts her in the back of the head.
Male. "sorry about the skrunting last night i swear it was an accident"

Female. "yeah just like it was a accident the other ten times"
by Rolphy March 05, 2009