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Butt Tagger is a word used to descibe someone who tags on restroom walls while using the toliet.
I know Gary's the butt tagger. I know his hand writing.

I butt tagged Jennifers cell number to get back at her.
by RollaCoasta January 28, 2010
When someone washes the entire car using the free squeegee provided at a gas station.
I had to wait 10 minutes for a pump because the guy in front of me ghettowashed his station wagon.

"Man my car if filthy and I dont have money for a wash."

"Just have it ghettowashed for free when we stop for gas."
by Rollacoasta August 14, 2010
To fart while you wipe.
I fiped yesterday, it made me chuckle.
by RollaCoasta June 02, 2010
Ocean or Oceans is when a woman with very large breast wears a push-up bra and a very revealing top that causes waves in the huge amounts of cleavage.

This usually can be seen while a woman is walking or climbing up stairs.
Man, that chick had oceans for days!

Hey! Check out the ocean coming our way! Tidle wave!
by RollaCoasta January 28, 2010

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