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a sexuscatalogical act accomplished by dropping multiple solid feces fragments upon a recipients chest, stomach and/or face and then repeatedly mashing them flat with your buttocks creating the illusion of stacked pancakes. This can be either a sexual or dominating act performed by consenting or non-consenting participants for the outcome of sexual gratification or emotional and/or physical humiliation. Ejaculatory response or orgasmic climax is not necessarily the intended outcome.
Leonard was growing weary of her constant domineering nature and manipulative tactics. So, in a final act of defiance, and while she lay unconscious from too much alcohol, he left her naked and handcuffed with a stack of Paducah pancakes planted firmly between her breasts and her auburn hair glistening with his fresh, warn urine.
#paducah #pancakes #scat #piss #shit
by Rokitman October 11, 2008
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