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The word Cheuh is often used in sentences involving utter agreement between two or more persons. Can also be used as a greeting.
"That shit was tight." "Cheuh!"
by Rohan17 October 03, 2006
A new word, used as a synonym for titty fuck. Often used as a swear word in utter disgust or displeasure.
Aww Mackelvie! I lost my keys!

Person 1:What'd you do last night?

Person 2: I mackelvied that bitch.

Person 2: Niiiice
by Rohan17 March 03, 2007
During doggy style intercourse, the man slips a finger into the butthole at the height of the orgasm, pulling the finger out immediately after, he reaches around to the mouth of the female and hooks her mouth with his poo encrusted finger.
"Hey Mike how come that chick never called you back?"

"Well after I gave her the brown trout I don't think a phone call from her is even a possibility"
by Rohan17 November 22, 2007

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