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A phrase used to show you don't really care about something, as it isn't as important to you, as the other person/people in the conversation.

Derived from a recent Radio News broadcast in which the price of eggs going up was likened to be as important as world diasters, such as the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.
Guy 1: Hey did you hear I upgraded my PC so it now has more RAM?
Guy 2: Yeah, and the price of eggs has gone up

Girl: And she was like, and I like, omg, you were at that party and saw Terry kissing Elisha? And she was all (mindless drivle)
You: Totally, and did you hear the price of eggs went up?
by Rogermuffinstuff September 15, 2010
When your so bored, You start acting like a Dinosaur.
I could see it happening, Dad was slowly getting more and more bored till, BAM, Brawrdom hit him, and he started Om nom noming my arm.

yeah, I was really bored at your party so I kinda slipped into a brawrdom, and ate Dave.
by Rogermuffinstuff June 19, 2010

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