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When a girl takes it in the ass, and then gives a blow job right after, without cleaning the dick off.
I Count Chocula-ed your Mom last night!
by Roger_RD_Scott January 14, 2010
When a guy put a rubberband on each of a lactating mothers breast, then waits till they get ripe and red and slap them viciously until they begin to bleed and lactate. Instantly creating a mix of Mothers Milk and Blood to drink up like a strawberry milkshake.
So I went over Matt's house and his Mom made me some Strawberry Milkshakes. Nice!
by Roger_RD_Scott January 15, 2010
When a guy is fucking a girl going back and forth to all of her holes. Mouth, butt, vag, and repeat.
Girl - So I'm thinking about letting you Prairie Dog me tonight.
Boy - Oh yeah, all your holes?
by Roger_RD_Scott January 15, 2010

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