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To become accustomed to a Bitch or a Bitchy situation.
Used to be I couldn't stand her, but I guess I'm becoming habitchuated.
by RogerZero March 09, 2010
1.Horny Person,Aged 80-89.

2.Eight-Armed eager Sex-Toy.

3.Eight-Armed Sax Player.
Jumping on an OctoHornarian?..Hell no, I don't want to know What that means.
by RogerZero March 04, 2009
Fear of Talking on the Telephone.
You're not REALLY Phonaphobic...You just don't want to hear my endless trivial babble...Admit it!
by RogerZero March 05, 2009
Supporters of Rush Limbaugh.
Air pollution?..Mindless Blowhards?..Bite in the Ass?..Are we talking about Limbites here?
by RogerZero March 04, 2009
Insincere Offer, Grandiose Bullshit.
Sounds like a fantastic offer. Too bad it's bullshit. Completely Hillaryistic.
by RogerZero April 01, 2009
Why? Money.
Q. Why would anyone do THAT?
A. y?$$
by RogerZero August 09, 2009

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