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2 definitions by Rodney Spank

scottish term for a shit,mainly use in the glasgow area
Jesus Christ man i gaging for a doad

Here man look at the size of my doad

That dog just doaded on my shoes
by Rodney Spank December 27, 2007
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A Game, often played in the glasgow area, similer so the game "Finger or Toe"

The game involves Two players who take turns in putting their finger up ones Anus, the bum, or onto ones Boab or Boaby(Scottish term for Penis).

The players then put their finger to the opposing players nose in the hope he/she would guess incorrectly.
Playing Boab or Bum;

James-(Putting his finger on his Boaby)

Daniel-"Thats Defo a Bum man"

James-"Unlucky, Thats a Boab"

Daniel-"Where The F**k has that thing been"
by Rodney Spank February 19, 2010
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