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An excellent car.

Due to a balancing shaft and a transaxle design boasting 50/50 balance, the RWD Porsche 944 is a very fun car to drive. The later S2 boasts 6-pot calipers and the world's largest production 4 cylinder, coming in at 3.0l. Filled with a well designed, ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing German interior, this car is still a good buy today. Not the fastest but in turbo and S2 variants, fast enough to beat much younger sports cars, including MX-5's, Preludes, etc; not to mention any van.
Look at that guy in his Porsche 944! He's smart enough to tack it to an autocrossing event where it belongs! Thank God he's sensible enough not to risk everyones life by street racing! Cool!

The Porsche 944 S2 is such an awesome car! Only cooler car is the 968!
by Roder November 26, 2005
In it's late 70's variation, possibly the greatest car ever made, especially for beginner drivers. it's built like a tank and can seat 16 without much difficulty. Options included 6-Way power seats and a 350ci motor option. Extremely charismatic car, and as of 2006 can be purchased for less then 500 dollars. The only competitor to this wonderful car is the Mercury Brougham, which is a street legal M1 Abrams.
NEWSFLASH: 1977 Oldsmobile Delta 88 wrecks into tuned Mitsubishi, Eclipse driver seriously injured. Delta drove away only to hit a Mack truck going 60. Reports confirm that trucker is in critical condition, Oldsmobile drove home.
by Roder February 24, 2006
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