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English insult (Australian, Britian, New Zealand) literally meaning "someone who wanks" as in someone who masturbates.

Generally meaning, people who are called wankers means that they are completely worthless and useless in anything they try to do that the only thing they are good at are wanking.

It's also used as a complement to close friend, meaning no harm- similar to cunt; both as an insult and a friendly complement.
The only wanker and wankers I love are me, my family and my friends.
One huge reason why today's music is turned rotten to the point of decay.

Weirldly enough, this "music" shares alot of simularies to 70s/80sglam rock and hair metal:
- They are completely mainstream. It takes barely any challenge at all to hit the Billboard. They both use their lack of real talent to

- Annoying vocals. Glam had the ear-spliting torture of yelling and the mediocrity of singing sorrowfully from feminine men while nu metal "artists" do a horrible impression of rapping or use the same method of screaming like their 80s counterpart.

- Lyrics are as deep and complex as a horizontal line. Rather than explaining, listen and find out yourself on how fucking weak the lyrics are- no real meaning, no real work, no real depth; just used to get shitloads of cash and women.

- Completely hated by metal fans so it'll stay far and away from their scene. (Indie Artist for the win!!!)

- They are both fads, FADS. It's just happens that glam was like a nucleur radiation-sensitive bug while nu metal is big, fucking cockroach.

The only contrasts are that:
- Glam/Hair = sex and love; Nu = angst and pity

- Glam/Hair = transvestitial men; Nu = metal noobies and wannabe rappers

- Glam/Hair = making their names to look cute; Nu = misspelling their names in order to look cool
FUCK nu metal and their marketing scheme, why give away money on a highly taled about yet a shitty album so it can be shoved up into the asses of MTV, RIAA and that said nu metal "band"?

The age where you can legally fuck, smoke, gamble, buy porn, and be tried as an adult.
I fucked, smoked, gambled, and bought porn before and I'm only 17 now. Also I've been sent to jail because I broke the age of consent, while high and with porno around the room (the irony is overwhelming, yes), and someone fucked with my birth certificate when I was in court so I was sent to prison, not juvie, at 16 years of age, not 18+ years of age. True story.
The legal way to buy and sell children. Sperm are living things too, you know.
The only thing worth going to a sperm bank is that they pay you once you released your load.
A 4-piece alternative metal band formed in '97 that lasted for 8 years. Also known as the guys who ripped-off White Zombie's sound.
Coal Chamber was very good alt. metal band (that is until System of a Down made the scene). Only thing that they needed was some originality (and the irony in this is that alternative music can easily be original that most other genres).
The use of signs, broadcasts, speeches, and commercials telling you lies which its purpose to belittle a group of people/things and/or to satisfy a group of people/things. Bascially what you see, read, and hear 70-85% in your life.

Also it's a kick ass Sepultura song.
Why don't you get a life and grow up
Why don't you realize that you fucked up
Why criticize what you don't understand
Why change my words, you're so afraid

You think you have the right to
put me down
Propaganda hides your scum
Face to face you don't have a word to say
You got in my way, now you'll have to pay

Don't, don't believe what you
Don't, don't believe what you read

I know my ways, I'm here to stay
I didn't start all this yesterday
I'll prove you wrong all the way
Life teaches me you're always alone

Don't, don't believe what you
Don't, don't believe what read
Something that you'll most likely lose in your life since 99.9% of the human race craves some wild, hardcore sex more than delicious, plentiful food... which there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that.

Buy some condoms, look good, and nail anyone you see attractive.
I losed my virginity and it caused me to earn me some prison time (for nailing a minor and ratting me out).

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