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the best muafuckin center in the nba who is better than shaq. he can shoot free throws unlike shaq. he can shoot from just inside the three point line unlike shaq. he has good footmovement unlike shaq. lets jus say dis he better than shaq.
Yao Ming is the best center in da nba
by rockets fan March 17, 2004
Tracy McGrady is the best pure scorer in the NBA and a great passer and all around player too. The Houston Rockets with the one-two punch of tmac and yao ming are the team to beat in the nba. bobbie sura rules too. TMAC IS THE SAVIOR OF H TOWN BASKETBALL
Did you see Tracy McGrady last night?? Tmac dropped scored 13 points in 35 seconds on the spurs to win!!!
by Rockets Fan February 15, 2005

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