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A gang of Vietnamese ladyboys frequently seen hanging on street corners, desperately hoping to convince young men they are nice young girls who will cook and perform wonderful oral sex.
Phil: "You remember that little Asian bitch I picked up last night?"
Bob: "Yeah, she smelled a little like Aqua Velva."
Phil: "Right when she was finishing me off with a Vietnamese Socketwrench she pulled her micropenis out and started jacking it off."
Bob: "Way to kill the moment."
Phil: "Wasn't too bad, I was too far along to quit, so I grabbed her ears and rammed my cock down her throat. Feeling her choke on it made me nut even harder. Afterward she gave me her Vietnamese Gang business card. I might get drunk and have her bring some of the rest of the gang. Wanna come?"
Bob: "You're a sick motherfucker."
by RocketPimp February 12, 2012
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