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An Amazing Human Being. Often Called The 'Goddest Of Friends' She Is And Amazing Loyal And Beautiful Person. No One Can Hate A Kellieshae. She Will Stick By You Until The End Of Time, Never Backstab You, And Will Always Be There. She Is Easy To Fall In Love With. She Will Never Be Rude Without A Cause, No One Could Hate A Kellieshae, Extreamly Popular And Funny, Can Turn Your Horrible Day Into An Amazing One. But As Loyal As She Is, She Only Trust Few. She Will Make Her Closest Friends Known And Treat Them With The Most Respect, She'd Take A Bullet For Them, And Help Them Reach Their Goals Before Helping Herself, She Always Puts Her Friends First.
"Bro, Do You Know Kellieshae?"
"Of Course, Who Doesnt?!"
by RockerBee5 October 11, 2011

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