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RaP is crap:
The typical gansta rapper feels that going to prison is a right of passage. They lack education, common sense , manners and good dressing habits. A great many of the Rappers of this time are homophobes who are in fact closeted homosexuals. Names such as 50 cent and Snoop dog are but only 2 names on the list of several homosexual/pedophile rappers who publicly object to homosexuality yet behind close doors engage in homosexual acts. Rappers such a snoop dog and 50 cent are known for having drug additions such as the use of crack cocaine that in effect warps their minds.

With out rock, there would be no rap these days. Why? because rappers have to sample rock so that they can fortify their no-talent form.

Rap is crap because unlike rock- Rap people dont know how to write music or even play an instrument. <a record player is not an istrument>

Examples of instruments:

Gibson electric guitar.

these require musical training.
The best example I can state of rap is crap is the following:

I was in a pawn shop looking at an electric guitar.
The kid behind the counter was playing some kind of free style thing.
Just for kicks I played some heavy metal power chords on a fat strat along with it
It sounded pretty good to him so he jumped over the counter and grabbed a guitar and asked me to show him how to play what I played.
SO I showed him and he said. ”no no where do I put my fingers on the thing here with the strings?”
I said “well sparky your gonna need to spend a few years learning how to play”
I spent a few minutes with him showing him how to play some simple chords but his fingers got sore and he quit.

See you rapper people can not compete with rockers and never will. What we do requires talent and technical ability. All that rappers know is how to spout obscenities and scratch records. Sample our tunes because they don’t have the ability to put musical notation to paper, read music or even sing in the correct key.

Bands like Styx, Fleetwood mac, Queen and the Dobbies Wrote their own music note by note. They made their own beats with drums- not computers. And played real instruments- pianos guitars etc.
What a rapper does is sample or bastardise someone else’s music because they lack the ability to do it on their own.

People who say that rap is crap are not prejudice and to say they are is theater of the absurd and further proof of how uneducated one is for spouting that.

It is highly insulting to rock when rappers use our music in their garbage. Since classic rock is and will always be superior to any kind of garbage that rappers can put out. To tie it to rap is and insult and if there were no rock there would be no rap.

There are rappers who have done good work. The few have made good rap using their own instruments and sounds. They don’t sample and they don’t need computers or even electricity to make their art sound good. They are in fact true musicians because they write their stuff and do not need to sample other peoples music to fortify theirs. Or use obscenities. Humpty and Sugar hill gang for example.

Rappers fight each other and do drive by shootings. Never in the history of rock has this ever happened. Proof that rock rules just in intelligence alone.

Rappers are not the only people who grew up in the ghetto... The Beatles, the who david lee Roth., Buddy Holly, Otis Redding, Clearence Clemmons and Bruce Springsteen are but a few people who have rose out of the ghetto and rocked out. The Ghetto does not just belong to black people or rappers.

Rockers spend years perfecting their craft. We learn to play complex instruments and read note form music. The only reason why rap is popular is people are buying into the con-job that is rap. Why because the vast majority of people are stupid.

Snoop dog tried to compare himself to Phil Collins on the Arsenial hall show some years ago.
Snoop dog is not fit to lick the dog crap off of Phil Collins shoes. Phil Collins is a rock legend and nothing that a character like snoop dog can do could compare with what the band Genisis did.

Rock will always rule. Its not going to fade away it not going to change or be corrupted by rappers and there are more people playing guitar than scratching vinyl.

The Gibson guitar plant in Kalamazoo Michigan is constantly making guitars. That means that lots of them are being sold and means that rock is not going to die out. But rather the current fad of Gansta rap is getting old and people are looking to hear good music for a change.

In battle my steel will cut through your vinyl like a knife through hot butter. My Gibson is my sword. And you shall not pass…
by RockCHIC September 08, 2006

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