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When a woman cums while receiving oral from a man, and the man's face is covered in her juices.
I ate her out so good, she gave me a wet paintjob
#pussy #blowjob #eating out #beaver eater #yum yum
by Rock6d May 06, 2011
A male that isnt a female's special other or best friend. Commonly used to accompany a female at social events. Most times this male is in the friends zone or just being used.
Female:My boyfriend and i had a fight.
Male:im sorry to hear that.
Female:Can u come over and hold me?
Female:Me and some friends are going to the club and i need a date
Male:Im free
Female: U are the best manfriend i ever had!
#friends zone #bum #boy toy #ex friend #boyfriend #man
by Rock6d January 14, 2012
When one friend is acting like a fool.
"What u want Fo"?

"This fo keep bugging me"
#fool #dummy #friends #friend #crackheads #ghetto
by Rock6d January 03, 2012
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