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A city in Upstate NY with a population of 220,000 Metro pop. 1.1 million. Has really bad winters, but perfect summers and falls. The downtown area is improving itself in great strides, and the suburban areas have been ranked some of the best areas to live for years. (Greece is 5th safest city in America, Brighton has one of the best school districts, Rochester region the most educated medium sized city in America) So suck it. All of the people on here who are bashing Rochester need to get a life. They are most likely from Buffalo, which is jealous of Rochester because the Buffalo area is losing population, and the Rochester area is gaining population. Rochester has Kodak, Xerox, Baush&Lomb, Wegmans, Chase-Pitkin, all headquartered here, and the University of Rochester is a leader in the fields of engineering, medicine, and dentistry. Buffalo HAD the steel industry and Buffalo Wings, and that is it. They need to stop bashing Rochester and focus on improving their area.
Rochester is better than Buffalo, get over it.
by Rochesterian June 23, 2005

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