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When a person is diagnosed with depression only to learn that they cant afford the antidepressants that the doctor has prescribed.
I went to the doctor, he says that I am depressed. So I take my prescription to the pharmacy, only to find out that I cant afford the medication. I have double depression.
by Robyn Bankx January 07, 2011
When a boyfriend/girlfriend dumps you right before Christmas because they are too cheap or too uncommitted to buy you a Christmas present. It usually occurs between Thanksgiving and will last until February 14th.
Roger : I'm sorry, but things aren't really clicking between you and me right now, with all this family stuff and all. I hope you understand. I need some space. It's not you, it's me. I'll call you after Valentines day.

Me : (I've just been Scrooge dumped!)
by Robyn Bankx December 13, 2010
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