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Also known as a Skatepark Hoe, a Skatepark Slut will go to a skatepark, sit around in skateboarder clothing, then try to hook up to any desparate skater. She will also ask to use peoples skateboards to fake a fall, then laugh and scream to distract skateboarders. They will also scream if a skateboarder rides near them, even if they are 10ft away. One of the biggest signs of a Skatepark Slut is when you catch them giving hugs and/or kisses to multiple people throughout the day. If you are hooked up to a Skatepark Slut, you should realize that when she is talking to other skaters, she is really flirting with them, because sometimes it is hard to realize. Skatepark Sluts are really low, and posers. Stay away and if you impress them, do what they do, lure them in. Then tell them you hate sluts, and that'll probably solve that problem. Good luck, and dont fall for Skatepark Sluts!
Dude, ya no dat chick you think hooked up with is just a Skatepark Slut, right?
by Robot Noah June 16, 2009
In this case, the poser girl im explaining is the skateboard poser girl. Ya know em. They go to your high school. There in your class. They wear skateshoes that are easy to get to, like etnies. They will wear jackets like fox, volcom, and element. They usually havent skateboarded a day in there life, or if they did, then it was probably just one day. If they think that degrading a good sport for popularity is alright, then obviously they arent right in the head. Let then realize the hard way that is your gonna advertise, you better have the skills by staying away from them. A way to pick out a true Skater Chick is if they wear harder to get skateboard brands, suck as my favorite company, Emerica, or other brands like DGK, Chocolate, or Mystery. If you have proof that they actually skate, dont hate.
That hoe is such a poser. Shes too mainstream and preppy to step a foot on a skateboard.

Yea, i hate it when a prep turns into poser girl.
by Robot Noah June 16, 2009
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