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Due to intense lack of funds, a mastercation is a "staycation" wherein the only planned activity for amusement is masturbation. Should only be attempted by the truly pathetic.
I signed up for Naughty America for three days for $1.95, so I think I'm going to take Monday off and have myself a little mastercation.
by RoboNasty July 20, 2009
Not showering on Friday morning (or Thursday night) due to laziness brought on by excessive alcohol consumption. Such an action leaves one smelling less-than-perfect all day long on Friday, necessitating an all-too-brief wash-down after work or school before the nightly cycle of drinking begins anew.
I was going to meet Becky right after work, but I had some Filthy Friday action going on, and didn't want to meet her wearing the same outfit as last night.
by RoboNasty March 06, 2009
A situation that goes from bad to worse quickly, often with bitterly funny results.
The Mets were already losing 15-0 when it started raining. They cancelled the game, my hot dog got wet, and a fat person stepped on my toes on the train ride home. What a crapwreck.
by RoboNasty July 27, 2009

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