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Expression sometimes used in South Africa to denote something awesome.
"I got wasted last night on a bottle of Klippies my bru". Sweet like a lemon, my china!!"
by Robmanman August 27, 2007
Referring to a man with long (often blond) hair. Seen from behind, he may resemble a 'she'. Moer means to beat up, steek means to fuck. So from behind you want to steek him but from the front you want to moer him. In Afrikaans: "Van agter af wou ek hom steek, maar van vooraf wou ek hom moer". Roughly equivalent to manvrou.
Jesus, I thought that was a fuckin cherry but it was a moersteek!!
by Robmanman August 27, 2007
A person of indefinite gender, typically a male with feminine features or a butch female with masculine features.
Jesus, look at that manvrou, fuckin sick my bru!
by Robmanman August 27, 2007
Used in South Africa, meaning to vomit.
Jesus bru, after I downed that tequila last night I sommer wanted to mok!
by Robmanman August 27, 2007

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