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4 definitions by Robin Norbi

the worst person in history, the devil himself and the most evil thing to ever live. a non-human heartless coward bitch who felt inadequate and needed to feel better and somehow deal with his menyal illness. Jealous of the Jewish people and how awesome they are!
hitler is fucking gay, he is in hell right now.
by Robin Norbi May 15, 2005
23 66
A Jewish person is a person of the Jewish decent and are just like everyone else except they are better because they are related to Moses. Jewish people are some of the most wonderful, nice, respectful, sympathetic, and just kind people you will ever meet. I pity those who are so pissed off and feel so ordinary that they need to make themselves feel better by hating us!
I am a Jew, I feel bad for you fuckin nazis.
by Robin Norbi May 14, 2005
46 105
the most horrific even in history in which the most evil dictator hitler attempted to kill of every innocent Jewish person in the world and targeted gypsies and homosexuals as well, for those of you who are ignorant and make jokes about this event you deserve to go to hell and be with satan because that is where your soul is
The holocaust was evil and the most terrible thing to ever happen to innocent people.
by Robin Norbi May 14, 2005
163 270
retards who were so cunts and were so plain and dumb that they needed to make themselves feel important by trying to kill the real geniuses of the planet the Jewish people
nazis are all in hell right now
by Robin Norbi May 14, 2005
39 217