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Gay marriage is a bond of love between two men or two women, but it is also hospital visitation rights, social security benefits, health insurance, retirement savings, family leave, home protection, pensions, and more. Everybody deserves these rights.

You can’t help your sexuality any more than you can help your race, age, or gender. People are born gay. Why in the world would anybody choose to be gay?? It’s not like the little boy or girl sitting in class contemplating their sexuality is thinking “hmm, I wonder what I can do to make people beat me up more and exclude me.” It’s ISN’T FUN being a minority. It ISN’T FUN being ridiculed and hated constantly, feeling left out, not being able to express your feelings in public, getting beat up, having people call you names, feeling unsafe… if sexuality was a choice, nobody would choose to be gay. But it isn’t a choice; it’s natural. There’s even evidence that it’s genetic. And if people are born gay, then gay marriage isn’t going to make straight people gay, so there’s no need to worry about the human race ending. Think about it.

And despite a little concept called ‘separation of church and state’ people want to bring the bible into this, huh? Well did you know that in the bible, there are more references apposing heterosexuality than there are apposing homosexuality? It’s true. So if you can say you don’t agree with gay marriage because the bible says it’s wrong, then I could say I don’t agree with straight marriage because the bible shows says it’s worse!

Another thing the bible teaches is ACCEPTANCE and LOVE. You don’t have to agree with homosexuality, but at least accept it. Because some people are gay, and nobody can do anything to change that. Even denying the right to marriage won’t make homosexuals disappear. If anything, it will make us stronger and more vocal in the community. So if you want us to leave you alone then allow gay marriage, because we’re not shutting up until we get equality. And no, civil unions are NOT equal to marriage. The idea of “separate but equal” just doesn’t work. Just look at race or gender.

Gay marriage isn’t going to “convert” or “recruit” people to the “gay side”. It isn’t going to weaken the society, or threaten the so-called sanctity of marriage (two thirds of marriages end in divorce. Britney Spears was married for 48-hours. What sanctity??). Gay marriage will simply show that discrimination is unjust. Acceptance and tolerance are inarguably positive concepts to promote. Without acceptance and tolerance, there would still be slavery, and women would not be able to vote or work.

Discrimination based on a person’s sexuality is no different than discrimination based on a person’s gender, race, religion, appearance, age, physical ability, etc. It all boils down to hating someone because they are different than you. Put yourself in the shoes of the minority. Think about what it would feel like to be denied hospital visitation, social security benefits, health insurance, retirement savings, family leave, home protection, pensions, and more.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, people. Let’s not deny anyone those rights.
Marraige = 1 love + 1 love. Period.
by Robi May 22, 2005

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