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Your soul mate; Your one true love.

Source: "Futurama"
"I love you, my smizmar, Amy"
by Roberto_Benigni February 17, 2004
Tender Branson is the main character in
"Survivor: A Novel" by Chuck Palahniuk.
"Tender Branson of the Creedish Death cult?"
by Roberto_Benigni February 17, 2004
(v)-Hitting stuff(mainly The Mailbox) with road cones. Usually done while hanging out of a car window.
"We went roadconeing last night"
by Roberto_Benigni February 18, 2004
1.)Interjection: used as an exclamation of surprise or disgust.

2.)Adjective: Describes a noun as really cool.
1.)Kerfuck son! That be disgustin'!
2.)Kerfucking sweet Gina!
by Roberto_Benigni February 17, 2004
Stupid line from the chorus of a stupid song by Missy Elliot.
"It's your fremma neppa vinette"
by Roberto_Benigni February 19, 2004
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