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3 definitions by Roberto Manchez

Member of a mafia family, typically directly underneath the Don. Handles the mundane details of running a crime family.
The underboss put the capo in charge of making sure the hit was carried out.
by Roberto Manchez December 29, 2004
41 3
To dirty one's self, or a part of one's body.
The Don did not wish to ensuciate his hands with the blood of rival family members, so he delegated the duty to his underboss.
by Roberto Manchez December 29, 2004
7 1
A member of a mafia crime family. Up to ten soldiers can be under one capo. Earn for the higher ups by pulling jobs and scams. Usually serve as hitmen when a contract is taken out.
The capo told his soldiers that they needed to earn more or somebody was gonna get whacked.
by Roberto Manchez December 29, 2004
46 74