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Indiana University is where students inexplicably acquire the psychotic condition of 'delusion of grandeur' soon after enrollment. In addition, sports fans of the school acquire this condition even without ever stepping foot on the campus. What is most disturbing is that this condition is somehow spread to children of the afflicted at an early age. All aspects of life are consumed by this delusion. E.g. the sports teams are considered much better than reality; the school academics are considered much higher rated than reality; and the social atmosphere is considered of a higher reputation than reality. However, the reality is that underachievement is the norm.

This mental condition should elicit feelings of sympathy and compassion. Unfortunately, those afflicted are more often the recipients of ridicule and taunts by everyone around them. As a result, those afflicted tend to form exclusive groups of others with the same disease. This results in irrational reinforcement of their delusional opinions of themselves and the reality outside of their enclaves.

Indiana University's basketball team is 17-8. We are on our way to a national championship baby!

Indiana University's school of psychology ranks in the top 10 of the nation! (as measured by a survey of coeds who participated in a group 'experience your body' session with the professor for extra credit)

My Indiana University girlfriend is ranked #1 in her class. Just ask all her classmates who have spent all night study sessions with her this semester.
by Roberto Loco February 16, 2007

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