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A new craze sweeping schools; Students administer a punch or slap to the face of one of their "friends" and record their reaction on camera. This is then shown to all and sundry via picture messaging. It is classed as bullying and will be treated as so.
A slap to the face recorded on camera and sent to all and sundry. Especially Sundry.
by Robert Masters April 14, 2005
This is what happens after you use your hand to masturbate the penis of an animal.
"once i make two goat liquid explosion, same time! i say 'ooh good boy!'"
by Robert Masters April 14, 2005

This word originates from the Mexicano Chav population, but was later adapted to a reduction of the phrase; 'Fucking Hell', which refers to the act of having sexual intercourse with the underworld.
Fuckin' El'! Choo cee wot dat fukin bloke wer doin?
by Robert Masters April 18, 2005
Refers to everyone, and Sundry himself also.
'it is then told to All and Sundry'
by Robert Masters April 14, 2005

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