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Cigarettes: usage from early 20th century.
He likes his nails, but I prefer my darling darbs.
by Robert Lee August 24, 2004
To go dutch (i.e. to share equally some expense or cost between two or more person). An uniquely Hong Kong slang prevalent in the 1960s and 1970s, and sometimes still heard today. Comes from the medical term to mean "in equal parts."
Let's go a/a on the 10-dollar meal. That's five from each of us.
by Robert Lee August 01, 2005
Secret code among male office workers for a session of sex, usually paid, during the normal lunch hour. Term comes from expatriate workers in Asia.
I'm all hungry from that spicy lunch.
by Robert Lee August 02, 2005
Military slang for military personnel of the United Nations, especially those on peacekeeping missions. Term derived from the colour of the UN helmet.
I see the UN flag on their APCs: the Smurfs are here.
by Robert Lee August 01, 2005
Sex (chiefly British). Term popularized in the mid-1970s by British satirical magazine "Private Eye", which reported an incident on the vessel S.S. Uganda that involved illicit sex with schoolchildren on a holiday trip.
Uganda is news to newspapermen.
by Robert Lee August 02, 2005

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